Published on09/12/2013 7:40 am
To your Enemy - Forgiveness.
To an Opponent - Tolerance.
To your Partner - Love.
To a Customer - Service.
To a Needy - Charity
To Every Child - A Good Example.
To Yourself - Respect.
And a Smile to all.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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Published on09/12/2013 7:30 am
If in the middle of the night
You wake up and
Find a Chubby Man wearing red
In your room
Shoving you into His sack,
Don't be afraid.
Because I told Santa:
I wanted You for Christmas...
Merry Christmas!
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Christmas Wishes
Christmas is a magical holiday season that brings with it joy, love and heart-warming moments. Greet your friends and loved ones with some Holiday Joy and Cheer.