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Christmas Love Messages

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. A time that is meant to be celebrated with family, friends and loved ones. This is a time when you must let your loved ones know how special they are. Love needs no expression, yet letting your loved ones know how much you love them once in a while is very important to give that zing to your relation. Here is a collection of Christmas Love Message for your 'SOMEONE SPECIAL'. These messages will express the feeling of your heart and your loved ones will fall in love with you all over again !!!

Sending love this Christmas
With you by my side
Its like Christmas all year long,
There is freshness in the air
And a special joy in my heart.
I feel like holding your hands
And open my heart to you,
To let you know how I feel
And share secrets one or two.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Celebrating love on Christmas
As people gather around the Christmas Tree,
To celebrate the festival of joy,
I want to hold you in my arms
And wrap you all in love.
I want to make you feel cozy,
And see you smiling too,
I want to let you know darling
That you are a blessing from heaven above.

Sending Lots of Love on Christmas
On this very special day of Christmas
Sending you love all through the way,
Sending you the choicest wishes
That will brighten your every day.

Sending you Christmas goodies my love
To add a little pleasure,
For all the love and joy you bring
Which is beyond any measure.

You mean the world to me
With the snow falling outside
And Christmas carols being sung,
With the mistletoe hanging on the door
And presents lying all over the floor.
With the Christmas tree being decorated
With all the goodies and glitters,
All I want to do this Christmas
Is to sweep in joy with you.
I want to let you know sweetheart
That you mean the world to me,
I want to double the fun in your life,
With lots of good cheer and glee.

How much you mean to me
I will love to hold your hands
And walk on the Christmas snow,
I will love to be by your side
And see you shine with a glow.
As people hang around
On the Christmas Night,
I will love to double your joy
And kiss you under the Christmas light.
I will love to let you know
How much you mean to me,
Its shimmering and glittering everywhere
Because you add to the glee.

My Special Gift For Christmas
Of all the gifts that I receive on Christmas;
You are the one who is really special,
I cannot ask for a something better,
While I write this Christmas letter.
You add a special cheer to my heart
And joys to my dull days,
May you keep smiling forever my love
And be blessed on this very holy day.
You are the reason for true festive spirit

Kiss you my love
I am sending you my Christmas wish,
Sealed with a hug and kiss.
The love and care you shower on me,
Makes my life glitter like a Christmas tree.
I promise to keep you happy forever,
And make our love grow.
I promise to make you smile all time,
And kiss you under the mistletoe.

See your loved ones sparkling with joy, when you send them these Christmas messages and poems. Remember words, expression and love are priceless treasures. When you shower your loved ones with these, they need nothing more to be happy. Go ahead and have a Merry Christmas in the arms of your loved ones.

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